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You may not have paid much attention to the actual operation of your garage door until the day it stopped working. Because the door is mechanical, it needs a few devices to help it move up and down. One of these is the opener, which gives a signal to your garage door that it should open or close. But, how does it physically move? This is where your garage door springs come in. Because they’re so important, they need to be looked after really well.Garage Door Springs

However, as with most things in life, nothing lasts forever. The same applies to your springs. They should be replaced every 10,000 cycles, or every seven to 12 years.

Luckily for you, we have trained technicians who are experts in garage door torsion spring replacement, and who are also more than capable of replacing garage door extension springs.

So, I Need to Wait for 10,000 Cycles to Replace them?

When you need to replace your garage door springs really depends on how often you use your garage door. The above time frames are just a rough idea and you may be required to replace them sooner than that. This may be due to wear and tear, or you may have had an accident with a car driving into your door and jolting some parts out of place. It may be a good idea to develop a habit of regularly having a look at your springs to check if they’re loose, or if there are any major gaps in the coils. Another major sign is that your garage door doesn’t open all the way when you try to open it.

Can I Replace my own Garage Door Springs?

We’ve already touched on how important these springs are. However, we need to put added emphasis on the fact that they need to move an extremely heavy object up and down a few times every day. Even if you’re a real handyman, or woman, you should never attempt to fix it yourself. When it comes to your springs, DIY is never the answer. We have plenty of technicians who are simply waiting for your call for help!

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