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Garage door openers are responsible for automating your doors at home and they do this by providing it with power so that it can be operated with a simple touch of a button from your remote control. Unfortunately, they are not impervious to damages, either those from accidents or from the gradual strain of old age. Whatever the case, if your opener has been acting strangely of late, be sure to contact one of our technicians for assistance with repairing, maintaining or installing it.

Professional Maintenance for All Openers

Get Your Opener Fixed

Door openers may take damage for a number of reasons, and many of them are unavoidable. For instance, they could gradually decay over time due to friction caused by their moving parts within. As the many components in your opener operate, they do so with considerable friction on the parts around them. Without careful attention paid to proper maintenance, this friction will quickly wear down the inner parts of your opener, eventually leaving them inoperable.

Bad weather, especially the damp, is another common reason for garage door openers to break down. That is because their metallic parts typically rust in the presence of consistent damp, lowering their structural integrity over time, and leading them to fail.

So, if rust or old age have taken their toll on your motor, be sure to have one of our technicians look at it for you.

Professional Maintenance for All Openers

Keeping your openers in consistently good health requires attention to be paid to their various maintenance needs such as lubrication and part replacements.

Our technicians offer various opener maintenance services which are geared towards extending its lifespans while inspecting it to ensure that everything is working as it should. Annual, or more frequent maintenance on your opener will see to it that they never give you any unexpected problems, and will also push back the need for expensive repairs.

Garage Door Opener or Motor Installations

If you are looking to take advantage of the benefits that an electric garage door has to offer, why not consider having an opener fitted to your door at home. Our technicians can assist you in selecting the product that is right for you, and will get to work installing it for you.

Give our team at Garage Door Repair Coppell a call today for professional repair, installation and maintenance service.

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